Orang utan causes commotion at Zoo with brief escape


An orang utan at the Singapore Zoo escaped briefly on Tuesday afternoon, inviting curious stares from visitors.

The 24-year-old female, named Medan, climbed up a tree outside her enclosure.

For some 10 minutes, she refused to come down.

That was when the zoo sealed off the area and advised visitors to stay away.

Medan, the daughter of Singapore’s most famous orang utan Ah Meng, was returning to her enclosure after routine training when she veered off.

The whole incident lasted about an hour.

I was thinking of adding new features like a morning news roundup then I saw this piece of news and it occurred to me that if I did one, there wouldn’t be enough news for me to highlight cause this is Singaboringpore. A monkey climbed up a tree outside her enclosure and they have to seal up the freaking zoo.

Afraid Medan, the orang utan will harass the tourists and snatch their food? Slow news day.