Malaysia is NOT a tong sampah!!!


Just the other day when I came back from KL to Penang, I was standing by the Bus Station waiting for my mom to pick me up.

All of a sudden, this fat, ugly and rude looking Malaysian guy drinking a box of chocolate milk walked by. Then, right in front of all the passing motorists, in front of all the pedestrians and on a brand new, very clean, very tidy and good looking pavement which haven’t a single drop of garbage on it, he dropped the box right onto the middle on the road and lit up a cigarette like it’s normal.

KNNCCB stupid uncle! This act is not recommended by Gulengz!

Maybe, it is hard for the guy as there isn’t a single garbage bin to be found nearby. Unlike when I was in Singapore, there were garbage bins every few meters at Orchard Road. It is really hard for almost anyone to try to dispose of their garbage properly in Malaysia’s public places.

A Malaysian’s view on the state of cleaniness in his country, as compared to Singapore. Disheartening yet comforting at the same time. Dishearted cause such an inconsiderate person actually exists and of course, it’s nice to know that your homeland gets mentioned alongside the idea of cleaniness, no matter how silly and ridiculous this phrase, ‘garbage bins every few meters at Orchard Road’ sounds.