CPL Singapore

This is Tan Min Liang. You guys may remember him “as the fella who was droning away on legal issues on blogging at the Bloggercon”.

Well I have no idea how he got my email but I’m sure all bloggers are invited.

Dear bloggers,

Some of you will remember me as the fella who was droning away on legal issues on blogging at the Bloggercon – anyway, here’s an event I thought that you guys might be keen on. I’m not sure if you’ve read about CPL Singapore (http://www.cplworldtour.com), it’s this US$1M computer gaming event that makes stops around the world and its coming to SG. I’m involved in a certain way and I thought it would be cool if we had some Blogger-coverage on the event. A lot of international gamers are flying down for this event and it’s been all over the papers recently.

Let me know if any of you guys are keen on coming down for the opening ceremony where there is some high profile gahmen fella opening the event at about 6:30PM at the old City Hall tomorrow 13 October 2005 and I’ll get the PR company to do a media pass. Alternatively, the games are on the Padang from 14 Oct – 16 Oct and you’ll be able to come by and see how these fellas make half a million dollars a year playing games. As above, let me know and I’ll have the PR company issue you a pass for the media centre etc. Otherwise, Starhub’s set up a TV channel dedicated to the games for the 4 days.

If you’re coming down, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to arrange for you to play against some of the pros – it’s pretty amusing getting whacked upside down sometimes.


Tan Min-Liang

Associate Director

Keystone Law Corporation

If you’re interested on helping him with a coverage (I assume that’s what he wants), leave a comment and your email and I’ll get in touch with him for you.